Mitrovic scores in the 90th minute to ensure they qualify. Now Portugal with have to wait….

This has to be the most exciting match of the World Cup Qualification Europe. Portugal scored in the 2nd minute of the game, and probably thought they had it in the bag. The 33rd minute Serbia equalized with a goal from Tadic. With a draw Portugal would have automatically qualified for the World Cup, but Mitrovic who plays for Fulham, and a bloody good player, scored to the disbelief of Portugal, and their supporters.

When you look at the stats Serbia had 57% of possession, 10 corners compared with 3, 11 shots, 3 on target, and 2 goals. Portugal had 9 shots, 3 on goal, and only 1 went in. On the day Serbia outplayed Portugal.

When I wrote a post about Manchester United I had a comment about whether Ronaldo was all he was cracked up to be. I thought he was overrated, a pretty boy, with some talent but players that I would rate much higher than him. He didn’t score today, and that just about sums up Ronaldo, and Portugal.


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