Update on today’s cataract appointment.

I actually got in to get the measurements done for my surgery within minutes of my appointment time. First time ever.

Then it was back to the waiting room for an hour prior to having my consult. The lady was very professional, and explained everything she was doing. The doctor called her from the hallway, and asked if he could get an emergency surgery done tomorrow, she told him who he would have to speak to. I said to her that someone would get canceled if that occurred, and that we have to wait months for the evaluation, months for today’s appointment, and then the wait for the surgeries, which I was told could be another couple of months. She told me that it wouldn’t happen. There are too many rules and regulations. He also asked when are you booking for, and the reply was April. My heart dropped. I would have had my diagnosis March/April but had left it to July, because of Len’s death, and everything that went with it. It was July when I went and had an eye exam, and then the wait to get the evaluation at the only provider for my health plan, where I was today.

She kept going back and forward on her computer, and told me that the first surgery would be February 10th, and the second one on the 24th. I would have follow up visits on the 14th (my birthday), and the 28th. She was writing these down on the forms while talking. I told her that I hadn’t seen my youngest granddaughter since she was 5, and she has severe learning disabilities. I was hoping to be at her 18th birthday on the 8th February, and stay for mine on the 14th. So it’s not going to happen as my dates were set for me.

My eyes are so blurred, and worse at night, so I only do a short local drive when I have to. Now I have to get someone to take me down, and pick me up. I will get a time one week before each surgery.



  1. Ugh..that’s awful. I’m in the states and my evaluation and the surgeries were all done with on a month. I found a car service to drop me off for surgery and then pick me up.

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