Vegetables have shot up in price.

We know it’s due to Covid, people staying home, jobs available not being filled, and wages low/high. There are so many variables as to the reasons for the high costs of almost everything.

That’s when I turn to frozen vegetables, which I steam, and then use the water for my stock/gravy. Well frozen vegetable have go up in our area around 50%, so I figured lets go to the trusty Dollar Tree store. They can’t put their prices up. The price is still the same, but apart from okra, they haven’t been in stock for over a week. I have to pass it on the way to the gym, and coming back, so have been going in daily and asking about it. Today it was not enough drivers to bring in the products. Yesterday was we have no idea. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

100% sure – empty shelves.



  1. Well here we have things more expensive but still available. But Timothy hay cubes that my horse eats are NOT available. He now gets a cube that is a mix of timothy and alfalfa. No clue why.

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  2. Unemployed got an extra $300 on top of their checks so lower income employees were getting more not working. That has finally stopped but after all that time many don’t want to work minimum wage jobs.


  3. Similar problems here in Australia. Lots of jobs available, but many of the workers, who have been international workers, back packers, etc., are not allowed to enter our borders until next month some time! Even then they will probably come in dribs and drabs. I believe this is a world-wide happening. Covid sure has made its presence felt in so many ways!

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  4. Couldn’t tell you what I pay for organic cauliflower in France. I work on the basis, if you have to ask you can’t afford it. I only buy locally produced organic fruit and vegetables.

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  5. I eat almost anything but in moderation. I have 1 chocolate biscuits, half a slice of cake, and always plate it. Len hated it when I counted out 12 seedless grapes for him, but that’s why he lived so long ❤️

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