Bacon and cheese spread.

After eating English back bacon in England, there is no way I will eat the cremated streaky bacon that is eatem in America. Back bacon is like thinly sliced pork chops, and is all meat, with just a little fat at the end of the rasher. I love the taste of bacon, and it’s the first thing I want to eat when in England. The last time I had really good bacon was 13 years ago. I have tried ‘English’ bacon over here, but it is thicker slices, and comes frozen, which makes it hard to chew.

When I saw this 16 ounce tub of Bacon and cheese spread in Aldi, I knew that I would like it, as it’s tiny bits of bacon, that isn’t overcooked. The full 1 lb. was just over $4, and I have had it twice already on crackers, and it is delicious. So I get the flavor of bacon, without all the grease that comes from the fat.

Bacon and Cheddar cheese.

What are your thoughts on bacon?


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