Still no Memorial service for Len.

So I always have lots of beautiful flowers surrounding his urn. It puts a smile on my face, and I am constantly looking at the flowers, with the urn in the middle. I love the inscription I have on it, and know that the love of my life is watching over me.

My son in law still has the long term Covid, so no plans can be made, plus my cataract surgeries are in February. I am now thinking Easter time.



  1. Oh that is so frustrating, things like this shouldn’t have to drag on for months.
    I will always remember Len, one of the oldest members of my Poddys Laughline group and then The Laughline itself. We chatted quite a bit via email in the early days of the jokes posts and he was a lovely guy.
    I hope you can get things sorted out soon.

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  2. I too have to wait until my daughter’s breast cancer treatment is completed and she feels ok. It looks like that will be around March of next year. I guess we have to wait since there are some things that we can’t change.

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  3. It’s taken forever just to get the dates for my cataract surgeries, and another 3 months. I thought Christmas might interfere with it, so planning on January. That way traveling in February would have worked. Messed up my plans but everyone is in the same boat


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