I watched Premier League Goal rush to keep up to date with every match.

There are always several Premier League Football matches at 10 a.m. (3 p.m.) U.K. time. I usually have the one I choose to watch on my main television, the 2nd one in the bedroom, another on my laptop, and 2 on my phones.

Today I decided to go with the match called Goal Rush. It featured the Watford – Manchester United match, but at all times it had details of every other match. When a goal or something important happened in other matches, it went to a split screen, with the event in the larger frame. I really enjoyed watching this, as I didn’t miss anything, and have to wait until all matches were finished.

So many goals today, that it’s now 12.45 and I have been watching television since 7.15 this morning. Between the end of the early match, and the 10 a.m. ones I was able to use the bathroom, get my 2nd coffee, get dressed etc.

Today I loved, Chelsea, and Watford winning. Was okay with Crystal Palace, Brentford, drawing. Disappointed that Brighton, and West Ham lost. Manchester United had a thrashing, losing 4 -1 to Watford. Aston Villa had a great last 10 minutes of the match when they scored 2 goals in 5 minutes. I know this will make Sheree happy.

After those matches I caught up on necessities around the house, as Liverpool are at home to Arsenal. Well, you know where my heart lies, with Len’s team, Arsenal. It is 25 minutes into the match, and is still 0 – 0.

There was almost a punch up between the 2 Managers, and both got yellow carded. There is real fire between these 2 teams now. Liverpool’s Mane has just scored in the 39th minute.



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