It’s going to be a little cooler so cooked today.

I thought I would try making a Shepherd’s pie today, but instead of ground chuck, I used ground turkey. I sautéed 2 diced onions, then added the ground turkey, with an OXO cube, and brown gravy mix, and the water that the vegetables were steamed in. I made a small amount of mashed potato, as I am not a potato lover, put a fork mark over the top, and browned it off in the convection oven.

I had an assortment of green vegetables that I had already cooked. I put 3 tablespoons of the Shepherd’s pie, vegetables, and gravy in a breakfast size bowl.

Then for dessert I cut a third off a donut, and used a cake fork to eat it. It took me longer than holding a whole one, and eating it.

So why am I writing about my meal tonight. Well, the doctor was happy that I had put on 10 lbs. after Len’s death, when I couldn’t do a lot of exercise, because of the tears in my rotator cuff. So I plan on staying my new weight, that’s when portion control comes in.

I enjoy food, whether it’s savory or sweet, so eat whatever I like. I eat 4-5 small meals a day. This controls my appetite, and also my blood sugars. I did it for Len, and his diabetes improved over the 47 years he had it. He didn’t die from his chronic illnesses, his body gave out on him, and he stopped eating, and drinking.

So there you have it. I eat what I like, when I like, but don’t plan on gaining anymore weight. I am out of the malnutrition range, and I plan on staying that way.



  1. I haven’t tried it myself, Susie. However, for those who like cauliflower mashed it can replace the potato. I do love Shepherd’s Pie – Yum.
    So good to know you’ve added those lost pounds.

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