Glad I didn’t try eBay.

I took photos of Len’s San Francisco 49ers Gold Vintage Bomber Jacket. I then went onto Facebook Marketplace, and managed to get the front, and back photos in the listing. I did the title, and it had ‘preview’, so thought I would check to see how it was looking.

Somehow it posted it, without a price, and the description, so it came up free. I freaked out, and looked for a cancel button. Couldn’t find it, so backspaced, and it said that I would loose the listing. I went ahead, and did it.

So I tried again from scratch, and it wouldn’t load the photos for me. I am so frustrated now that I am going to leave it until tomorrow. I have never sold anything online, and wish there was somewhere locally I could sell it. The eBay prices for identical jackets run from $299 to $399 or best offer. All of them have slight blemishes on them. I couldn’t find any on the one I have.

I did ask at a Consignment Shop that took 60%, and you only got 40% of the selling price, which they dictated. So that didn’t work out.



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