4 years ago. Len eating his favorite Biscuits and gravy.

At least once a month we would go to Bob Evans for their biscuits and gravy. Len loved the sausage gravy so much, that we would order two. I would open one biscuit up, and put a little of the sausage gravy on it, then pass the rest of my gravy over to Len. He would pile it up, and have this huge smile on his face.

I would take my second biscuit home, with a couple of sachets of honey.

I know it wasn’t on his diet plan, but I am so pleased that he got to choose his favorite meal once a week, when we went out for lunch.

Both these photos came up on my memories today.



  1. Beautiful memories Susie. Thank you for sharing. It will get better. It’s the first year after a dramatic loss that hurts the most. The first B-day, the first xmas, the first easter, the first of many days you will miss him.

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