I made plans for this week.

My earlier post was how I was feeling with all the talk/hype of the holidays. Not just Thanksgiving but Christmas everywhere.

I contacted a girlfriend for lunch today, and it was going to be my favorite curry restaurant. However, she let me down, and I only saw the message when I was waiting outside Thai Samurai. I braved it, and went in on my own. The food was as awesome as always. The only sad thing is that I couldn’t share it with anyone. I then went to Panera for my unlimited coffee, and walked the Target store, in the same plaza.

I have just finished my takeout box with the remainder of the food in it. Did you see the size of the shrimp?

Tomorrow I am spending the day with my bff Donna, and her sister who is over from England. We are going down to Treasure Island, as her husband is down there for their week. We will do a restaurant, and hopefully get a turkey dinner.

Then on Thursday my Zumba instructor, Michelle has invited me to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. Then one holiday will be over, and I will try and not be miserable with all the Christmas hype.



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