Happy Thanksgiving day.

The photo was last year’s turkey. This year my life has completely changed. The house is empty apart from me.

I did the day at Treasure Island beach yesterday with my bff. She would have invited me for dinner, but instead will be driving her sister to the airport for her flight, back to England.

So I will get up, and thank the Lord for all my blessings, go to the gym and beat up the boxing bag. This is when it changes. I will freshen up, change my clothes, and go to my Friday Zumba Instructor’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

There are so many wonderful people in this world, and she is one of them.

When we lived in England Len would invite every single person to any celebration meal. I never knew how many I would be cooking for.

Here I would take a meal to my Nextdoor neighbor whenever we had a special meal. She moved at the end of last year, and I miss her so much. She really appreciated all those English meals.



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