Really lovely Thanksgiving, and I have a wonderful meal for tomorrow.

After doing an hour and a half at the gym, I got changed, set up Google Maps to take me to my friend’s house. I had never been there before. It stated 7 minutes from the gym, so I allowed 15.

Good job I did, because when I got to turn off a major road, it still said to continue, and I ended up at a gated community. I had to go through the gate, and go around, and come back out. The guy on the gate didn’t live in the area, so couldn’t be of help. I followed instructions again, and the road it put me on, came back to the original road.

This time I took a road prior to that one, and managed to do a couple of turns, and finally found the road, and the house. I checked the time, and it had taken me 13 minutes. I took the Key lime pie, and the Asti out of the car, and I was spot on time.

I met Michelle’s parents, and friends. I had so much to talk about to her Mum and Dad. A couple arrived a little later, and they were super nice. We had the most amazing meal, and all went back for seconds, it was that good.

Afterwards we had the Asti or coffee. It went down really well, and finally the pies came out. I had a finger of Key lime, and pumpkin.

I arrived at 12.30, and it was around 3.15 or even later when I left. Everyone had leftovers to bring home. That is why I always loved to cook. The leftovers taste even better on the second day.

Thank you so much Michelle, for making this lonely lady a really happy one. Another new memory created.



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