2 hours at the gym today.

There were 5 Premier League football matches today, and it was hard to decide when to go to the gym. I chose the 12.30 (5.30 pm) match between Brighton & Hove Albion and Leeds. I arrived at the gym 5 minutes before the match started, and asked the guy on the desk if he could put one of the televisions on NBC. He must have put it on NBCsn, because once I had everything set up on the treadmill, it went to another sports, so I had to call him back, and again said that it was NBC.

I walked on the treadmill, then used the 5 lb. hand weights, dropped them down to my sides to walk. Then a few minutes later I got the 10 lb. weight and bending my elbows brought it down to the back of my neck. I then brought it up as high above my head as I could.

At halftime I came off the treadmill and did Clean and Press with the 10 lb. weight. I also did squats counting to 100. Then it was back for the second half just walking on the treadmill. The match was pretty boring, so I was glad I was occupied.


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