Christmas shopping is done.

This year is going to be so different for me. I did send cards to my daughter, and my granddaughters, and I will do ecards this year, because the fun of Christmas is gone for me. The love of the birth of the baby Jesus is in my heart, but it’s broken now, and will take time to mend.

My daughter is on my bank account in England so can buy all of their gifts. I will find items that I have received through my sellers for my girlfriend, and her husband. I have a bag of items to take down to the staff of the Voyager Beach Club, that do the most amazing job, and make the lives of the board (me, and Len for years) a pleasure. Also, items for my boxing trainer, and my friend Ryan at Load More Plate for not only training me, but being like a son, and grandson to me.

My Christmas shopping are the chocolate biscuits, and chocolate truffles from Aldi, that I am going to take down to the beach with me next week and enjoy.

I would be driving home on Christmas day, but don’t want to get up, pack, and leave. I will come home to my empty house on Christmas Eve, so ‘Yes’, this Christmas is going to be very different.



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