It’s 11 p.m. eastern time, so off to bed.

I did boxing with my trainer at 9 a.m., and then to the gym to use the upper body machines. I then stopped off at Panera for half an hour, and then food shopping. It’s odds and ends that I want to take down to the timeshare with me.

This afternoon I did watch the football matches on NBCsn, and Peacock. Both results were disappointing for me. There were some football matches canceled due to Covid, which is starting to affect the game.

Really tired now, so bed is calling me. Good night, good morning, or good afternoon depending on where you live.



  1. We are currently enjoying the England/Australian cricket test matches here in Australia, Susie. I’ve come to enjoy cricket over the years! It happens in our summer, which is extremely hot. It’s probably not your forte; I know you enjoy the football.
    There are five test matches all together over five days each test match. I’m probably talking to the converted – you being English. But, it is so surprising how our tastes in all things can change over the years. I would never have though I’d be sitting watching cricket a few decades past. 😀

    Good night, good morning, or good afternoon… Love that phrase!

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