This is my Christmas week at the beach.

I did a little packing last night, but left the majority until this morning, as it was mid-night before I got to bed.

As I had 2 full size dinners, and a huge salad from yesterday, I didn’t mind leaving later, as I didn’t stop at Panera for a lunch. I got here at my usual time and was delighted to see the second half of the Arsenal match being played at Leeds. They won 4 – 1. That was the only football match today. The early match at 7 a.m. eastern time has been postponed due to Covid, but fingers crossed the 9 a.m., and 11.30 ones will continue. We do not know as the Aston Villa one was postponed when the Burnley supporters had already arrived for the match.

I have been down to the beach twice today. I met people from my last visit and chatted with them. I really didn’t know how I was going to feel, because the last 2 times I was depressed. I have been bright, and chirpy.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to church, Monday I have a board meeting, Tuesday the owner’s breakfast, and fingers crossed my girlfriend can get down for the afternoon. Then Wednesday I have been invited out for dinner. Thursday I will be walking the beach with a man friend, and Friday (Christmas Eve) I will be driving home, rather than on Christmas day that is checkout morning.

Yes, I think that my Christmas week will be good, and to think I was dreading it.



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