I need a P.A.

Tomorrow I will write about the dating app, and the Nextdoor app. I am now starting to struggle with the men that I am messaging, and getting 2 guys with the same name, and another 2 guys that have the same name, but fortunately one of them has shortened it.

At least it makes me smile when I am on my own in the evenings. I need a P.A., because when I started working, I was a secretary, and the P.A. seems to have superseded the role.



  1. You’re lucky to find a guy on a dating site. All I got were scammers. They want me to text them or email them right off the bat when it tells you to keep your info private. I always tell them I’ll give them my # when I meet them and the messages stop. Years ago I met a boyfriend or 2 on Match but not this time. Our Time is a scam as far as I can tell.

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  2. I had 4 Kev/Kevin’s at one point. Can’t even remember the Mike/Michael’s. Ugh. That was hard! I also seem to be attracted to guys with a similar profession, and I def have a “type”. I got to the point where I was trying to figure out a way to convince myself that everyone in a 200 mile radius of me looked the same, had the same name, and all worked together just to make me crazy 😆 but it wasn’t the case. I just happen to be attracted to a very specific type, which I never realized until I started the online dating and couldn’t tell anyone apart 😂 but it doesn’t settle. Your brain will catch up. It just takes a little…work. Too much work some days, but it’s worth it when you find yourself talking late at night when you can’t sleep and feeling happy

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