Arsenal 5 – Norwich 0. Boxing Day football.

The two 7.30 a.m. football matches got postponed. Also, the 10 a.m. Burnley – Everton one too. Therefore, I wasn’t able to watch football in bed this morning.

I decided not to watch all 4, 10 a.m. matches, as I have done that before, and went for Arsenal, who were a powerhouse today. I mean who wouldn’t be, playing the team that are bottom of the league. I suppose the 5 goals were good for their moral.

Manchester City beat Leicester City 6 – 3, and I will watch the replay of it. Tottenham won by 3 – 0 against Crystal Palace. Palace went down to 10 men on the 37th minute when Zaha got a second yellow card, which then makes it a RED, and a send off.

West Ham and Southampton look like it was an exciting match as it ended West Ham 2 – Southampton 3. Another match I will be replaying later in the day.

Now I have the live Premier football match on the television, and Chelsea have scored 3 goals, but the first one was an own goal by James that put Aston Villa in the lead. It’s the 86th minute and the score it 2 – 1 to Chelsea.

Later at 3 pm. eastern time Brighton & Hove Albion will be at home to Brentford. They both have the same number of points so it should be an even match.


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