Bumble – I can’t keep up with them.

It is a full-time job with the number of guys out there that want to meet me. I am getting 6 – 8 every day, and have deleted most of them, but I still have around 12 that seem interesting. I am meeting one on Tuesday at a restaurant that I haven’t been to. He lives in St. Petersburg, and I live in Pasco County 40+ miles north of him. He found a restaurant/pub that has some English dinners on the menu.

I have another one that is into fitness, well actually two, but one went off the list when he wanted to work out in the gym, and then in bed. That was a definite NO.

I must admit out of all the profile pages mine is the most professional, and I was careful in choosing my photos, and quotes to show off my body, and my fun personality.

So how many days are there in the week?



  1. As I have said in a previous statement, I have enjoyed Bumble. But be careful. There are either guys trying to bed you in the first hour of meeting, or guys who have not yet gotten over their ex and who want you to counsel them through your date. Neither is much fun. Outside of that, it is a LOT of fun, and you deserve all the smiles you can get!

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  2. At 73 and having owned a restaurant, I am not gullible, I also teach boxing, lift weights, and always dealt with my financial affairs. I pity a guy that upsets meπŸ₯ŠπŸ₯ŠπŸ‹πŸ»β€β™‚️

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  3. I LOVE YOU!!!!
    That literally had me beaming at the solid boss-ness of that comment!
    Also, I have read your blog, and I know you would whoop any guy who crossed any lines, it’s the weeping men that kind of…throw you for a while.

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