My luncheon date.

I left my house at 11.55 for a 1 p.m. lunch date. I knew that I would hit local traffic, which could be up to 30 minutes. Then US19 picks up speed, until each traffic light. Two lights before my turn I was so far back that I couldn’t even see the lights, so I cut across, and then down. I got to the restaurant with a few minutes to spare.

He is a very nice gentleman, polite, quietly spoken, attentive, and I was to order whatever I liked on the menu. I had one margarita, because I would be eating food. I chose the vegetable curry and added chicken to it. I have to have my protein. I was amazed that he had a diet coke, and a Ceasar salad. We only had an hour, so he was able to eat his food, and I ate about a third of mine. We left, and he saw me to my car. I thanked him, and we have been texting ever since. The restaurant we met at is the Clear Sky Draught Haus, Main Street, Dunedin.



  1. Hi Susie! Just an FYI….

    I met my husband through a dating service, though in those days it was done by phone. We have been married 23 years this month, just to let you know it can work. 😊 We both were in our late 50’s and had been married for twenty-some years each to our previous spouses, meaning we could both maintain a long-term relationship.

    However, being a student of Astrology, I also used the science of Astrology to do chart comparisons on the men with whom I felt there was a mutual attraction. I found it both fun and very interesting intellectually. I do feel it helped, rewarding me with a great relationship with an honorable man that has similar interests and ethics as my own.

    Don’t know if you are interested in Astrology, but, if you are and are not personally versed in the science of it (as opposed to the generalized commercial astrology like daily horoscopes found in newspapers), there are many Astrologers available in your location or on the WWW which could do a chart comparison for you for a reasonable fee.

    I continue to hold you in my HEART wishing you well, as always.
    In Love, Betty💕

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