Saving on WIFI and cable with Spectrum.

I put a note into our clubhouse office last year stating that we paid for our cable through our H.O.A. fees and could be do bulk WIFI.

We got a notification on our bulletin board stating at the beginning of January we will continue to get Spectrum TV Platinum, free receiver, and also a free HD-DVR receiver, which is an added bonus for me.

When Spectrum took over Brighthouse, my bill went up from $100 to $140. I phoned them and went to the above programs that were included in my HOA fees. 4 months after Len’s passing, I stopped the landline as well, and got my bill down to $70.

Our fee has gone up $25, but at least $10 of that will go towards the higher costs of insurance, landscaping, garbage, etc. When I saw my bill of $8.85 for the new DVR a month, I was ecstatic. Who can get Ultra speed internet with in-home equipment for $15? We can.

My iPhone only costs $14 a month with Spectrum, as I use free WIFI, or Spectrum Hotspots whenever possible


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