Yesterday over 1 million new cases of Covid, and that didn’t include me.

I was exhausted after 36 hours with no sleep, due to the constant coughing from Covid. Last night I took cough syrup, and instead of half a klonapin, a whole one.

I fell asleep just after ten, and woke up twice, but was able to get back to sleep.

My energy levels are non existent, so I am planning on spending today in bed too. With the resting, I am hoping that the coughing, aching, and brain fog go away. Will keep you updated.



  1. Covid is spreading like wildfire in Florida , I am so sorry you came down with it. My son who is a medical professional as well is just recovering. Here, it is nearly impossible to staff nurses. Get well Susie!


  2. Out of curiosity did you receive booster? Your condition does seem to be worse than most people I know who have had the Omicron variant. Prayers for quick recovery

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