Don’t get Covid in Florida!

I was fortunate that my girlfriend had Covid testing kits as she takes care of the elderly. I did my positive test and planned to go to Walgreens or CVS tomorrow or Friday doing the drive through. I have spent several hours going through the drive-through locations, and the earliest is 4.45 on Monday of next week. That is a 10-mile journey, but would rather do that, and actually have a confirmed appointment.

I do have a second one that she gave me, as the recommended isolation time is now 5 days, and if there is improvement, then you can go out with a secure facemask. I will use that one, and then actually have the pharmacy one next week to ensure that I am clear of it.

There is a drive-up mass location at our local mall, and last week when I went to Panera for coffee, the lines were several hours long. That is something that I can’t deal with right now.



  1. It’s a very disturbing situation we have in Florida. Nurse staffing in hospitals is desperate. Our Governor has politicized the pandemic to further his own ambitions. As a result we lead the nation with a 700% increase in cases this week. I’m wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

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  2. We have had a 700% increase this week, and that doesn’t include me, and all the other people that couldn’t get a test. I was so fortunate that my friend takes care of the elderly or I wouldn’t have been certain. No way could I have left the house.


  3. I blame him for the million out of date Covid test strips found today, when we are waiting 5 days to get tested. He only seems interested in the economy and couldn’t care less about our health needs. Not impressed at all.


  4. That was from the hyper partisan Nikki Fried, a democrat shill, They are “about “ to expire, and will be delivered to senior residents Thursday. NewYork Governor Cuomo knowingly put covid patients in nursing homes, cause thousands of avoidable deaths. Also, Biden certainly dropped the ball, fully expecting a spike in cases, yet didn’t order tests until recently.

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  5. I don’t do politics at all, but I do know our Governor hasn’t done the best for the people, just the economy. I love your blog so you can moan about yours and I can moan about ours. Okay 🤗❤️

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