What would we do without technology?

My daughter has been like my Mum since having Covid. All of the family in England have had it to different degrees, so she is my expert.

We did FaceTime on Monday and have been constantly texting one another. I also did a FaceTime with Len’s daughter too. Then the gentleman I was due to have lunch with today, I met him first time last week for lunch, texts me morning and night to see how I am. The gentleman that I was going to meet for the first time tomorrow for dinner, and dancing has also contacted me via text every day. Then there are the people I am online with on the Nextdoor app. We have been texting too.

Of course, I have my neighbors who kindly got me grapes today as I was out of fruit, and all my friends. I am alone, but don’t feel alone most of the time. I am sorry that I don’t have much to write about, because lying in bed all the time is what I am doing.

Tomorrow is another day. The night before I tell myself that I will be up for a couple of hours during the day. Tonight, I am not doing that, and just maybe I will feel a lot better due to the timeframe. Here’s hoping.



  1. I’m glad to see you appear to be getting on with your life and hopefully enjoying yourself, when my father died my mother’s friends asked her out but she always refused as she just wanted me to come round and be with her and after a while they stopped asking. This left me as her substitute husband for many years which in retrospect it would have been better if she had gone out with her friends and tried to get on with life as it wasted valuable time for both of us. My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy yourself. Good luck.

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