Been to Panera’s drive through and stopped at the local park.

I finally threw on some comfortable clothes, no tight fitting, as my body still doesn’t feel like it it’s mine. Then I grabbed a thick cloth Facemask and put 3 of these filters in the opening. I put in on when I got in line at Panera Bread. I ordered my coffee as I have already lost 2 weeks of unlimited coffee, one being away before Christmas, and this past one, so I have paid without getting the benefits.

I then drove to my local park, pulled down the windows, and sat it the car enjoying the view, and fresh air. There was no one around me so I got half an hour enjoying nature.

I will do that every day until my Covid is gone. It really perked me up.

FYI. All I have to do is give my phone number, and there are no transactions apart from me taking my coffee with a gloved hand.



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