1 million expired Covid test kits found in Florida warehouse.

When this came to light, I was upset at the waste, and then furious that I had spent hours trying to book a test.

As I always state I am English and do not support any political party. However, Governor DeSantis let the ball drop when this got out. A 5 day wait to get a drive through test at a pharmacy due to the lack of testing supplies. I am now thinking, are there anymore warehouses out there stacked with Covid tests, that are being blamed on the government. We need to look closer to home first.



  1. He did respond at a press conference today. My thoughts are that in my area of Florida, those I know are mostly vaccinated and our positive numbers low, so no one was asking for home test kits, thus expirations occurred. Of course, once Omicron was upon us, everyone wanted to be tested, myself included. I think as individuals we need to take some responsibility as it was known that Omicron was here and would rapidly spread. Hindsight, I should have purchased a kit proactively. Instead I waited 3 hrs at a clinic for the test.Going forward someone at the warehouse level needs to be checking stocks for expiration dates. I did that in my job.

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  2. Mine hit me like a rock on New Years day. My doctor wanted me to get the antibodies i.v. but has been out of stock, so 5 days now of feeling like cr@p. Luckily my girlfriend gave me 2 test kits from England, readily available for free. Still positive. The earliest one I could book was 5 days out.


  3. Well I think that is a disgrace! But this kind of thing is not confined to the USA. Politicians in several countries are are motivated by something far removed from the national good of the people.

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