Sunday lunch at Ford’s Garage.

I am pleased to say that I enjoyed the drive to Ford’s Garage in Tampa. I had the driver’s side window down a little, and the passenger one considerably. I felt the wind blowing through the car, and after being indoors for so long, the drive was really pleasurable.

When I arrived, I had my face mask on, with the triple filter inside it. I went to a booth at the side of the restaurant where no other people were. They were mainly around the bar.

I did have my first drink since New Year’s Eve, as I was eating their fabulous Atlantic cod, ‘Fish ‘n’chips’. I wish I had taken a photo of the meal, because the fish doubled back on itself. I did take a photo of what I brought home, and that is enough for 2 more meals. Before I ordered I made sure that they had malt vinegar, because I would rather go without this meal, than eat it with tartar sauce. How to ruin a British staple.

The restaurant was quiet for the hour or so I was there, and again I took care when leaving. I had parked down four places from the main doors, so you can see how quiet it was.

This is a restaurant I would certainly go back to. The bartender was the server, and she did a great job. Making new memories.

On the way home, I masked up, and did walk half of Citrus Park Mall, and stop for a Starbucks coffee. A treat to finish my day of freedom.

Tomorrow I will stay home, and have my Covid test at Walgreens drive through, at 4.15 p.m. It is 9 days since I got really sick, but allowing the 2 days prior to it coming out, it should be 11 days today. I therefore feel certain I am on contagious, but certainly don’t plan on getting close to anyone for another day or two.



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