Left my house at 4.07, arrived home 4.16 p.m.

The appointment I made last week for a Covid test was for 4.15 this afternoon at my local Walgreen’s pharmacy. I was to arrive 5 minutes before my appointment. I got there on time, the lady went through my instructions, which were much easier than the 2 English tests I had done. I handed it back to her, drove home, and it was less than 10 minutes.

She told me that I may get the result before the pharmacy closes at 6 p.m. If not, it should be early tomorrow morning. I have felt really well today, so not worrying about the result. More friends, that I have not been in contact with have Covid now, so it you haven’t had it, then I reckon the majority of you will at some point. Even 3 vaccinations don’t prevent it from spreading.

I was extremely careful but obviously someone I knew had it, and probably didn’t even know it.

BTW The insurance cost for this test was $129.99. No cost to me.



  1. I always wear a mask and avoid people like the plague. I just want to make it to Feb. 3 when I leave on vacation. If I get it on vacation, that’s okay. I’m fine with extra time in Costa Rica

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  2. Wearing a mask and avoiding unnecessary social contact is the best we can do. Just had my third shot, which I believe is to lessen the degree of illness (should we contract the virus) and keep us out of hospital.
    Here’s hoping for a great result from your test…

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