My first payment since August 2,020

I have been using WordAds from WordPress these last few years and was happy that prior to Covid it just about covered my expenses. Last year I made very little money, and the same this year. I have more hits, and more views, but unfortunately, they don’t pay anywhere near the amount they used to.

Good job I enjoy writing, even though it costs me money. I just love all the very dear friends I have made here.



  1. I think I set up WordAds on my site but I don’t think I have ever been paid anything but I don’t have as many followers as you and I imagine it is by the amount of traffic viewing your site or looking at the ads. I’ll probably find it expired years ago!

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  2. Oh Lord Dear Susie
    it Was Nice to Start
    A Life of Art At 53,



    And True if i were
    to Count All the Labor
    At Just Minimum Wage

    And All the Fees, Equipment,
    And Supplies Required i’ve Surely

    Spent A Half-A Million Dollars This Way
    To Achieve A 10 MiLLioN Word EPiC Longest
    Form Poem And 16,033 Miles of Public Dance

    Now All in 100 Months And True So Much Now Of
    That in Terms of Labor, 16 Hours Every Day, Even Getting
    Warmed Up Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010 Online Then

    Writing Every Day Without a Break Now For Yes ALL 4069
    Consecutive Days, Even Before A Poetic Spark Was Even Birthed
    in 2013, Yep it Took About 3 MiLLioN Words of ‘Regular Grammar
    Perfect English’ to Write Outside the Lines into Spiraling Soul Free

    Anyway, So Easy to Do the Math Now that Minimum Wage is 10 Dollars
    An Hour In Florida As 4069x16x10 Equals Actually More Than A Half A

    Million Dollars

    At $651,040;

    Really Makes
    The Premium of
    300 Dollars A Month i
    Pay to WordPress Tiny to Hold

    Over 100,000 Photos With Links
    to close to 10,000 YouTube Videos

    Grandfathered Still Into Unlimited Storage
    Space Fortunately to Hold it All Still Free Enough

    For me As It’s True in No Other Dates of History Would i Have
    Been Able to Do This Plus Share it For Totally Free As A Copy
    And Paste Over So Many other Free Avenues including Several Blogspot

    Blogs too that Gather Millions More Views than Word Press Alone for Sure;
    However, Without the Medium of WordPress to Compose it All, It Would Be


    Impossible to
    Do Without Word
    Press and All Modern
    Technological Developments

    That Allows One Person Like Little Old
    me to Write A Long Form Poem 12 Times
    The Size of ‘That Old King James’ Try too…

    In A REAL ‘John 14:12′ Effort Now

    Yep Just One
    of me in
    100 Months

    of Doing That ALL Now

    Best Part of All is At Least
    One Person Read Most All of it
    Besides me hehe As Most All of it

    Is simply Individual Copy And Pastes
    of What Literally Thousands of Folks Around
    the Globe Have Soul Inspired me to Do From Their
    Arts And Sciences They Deliver Globally Now True too…

    The Thing is i Would Never Ever Kill the 14.4 Trees Now it Would
    Take; Yes, At Least 144,000 Pages of Copy Paper; Yes, 288 Boxes
    of 500 Reams of Copy Paper, And 240 Novel Sized Books if i Tried

    To Publish

    Just one
    Copy By

    Bound Volume Books
    That Would Likely
    Crash A Barnes And
    Noble Book-Shelf and
    Only Collect Dust in A Twitter

    (Just With Words And Photos as
    The Integral Videos Sadly Left Out)

    World We Currently LiVE in NoW
    Allergic to Deeper Stories of Souls…

    Just The Privilege of This Much Freedom

    of Expression is surely Worth the 300 Dollar
    Fee to Word Press Hehe Don’t Tell ’em Yet
    i’d Likely Pay Much More Than That Just to Retain All my Creative Freedoms…

    Hehe, Work for 33 Years Was to Conform to What ‘A Target Audience’ Wanted
    From me..

    i Left

    That in
    The ‘Shop’

    And Only Carried

    Wings out of ‘That Place’ Free…

    It’s Sad How Hard Folks Work For Pay Now
    When True Riches Are Truly Giving Sharing Free When
    We Finally Are Naked, Enough, Whole And So Complete…

    The Giver Has Nothing to Return of LoVE As the Last Breath BreatheS on…

    SMiLes of Course, You Are An Inspiration Proving 73 Feels Like 20 Active As you

    Still Are Breathing LoVE iNto LiFE; And Yes Sweet 61 Feels Much Better than 16 Did for Sure!

    Even Literally

    3 Times stronger
    Still by Leg Pressing
    Weight at Up to 1520
    Pounds At 61 Hehe When

    500 Pounds Kinda Felt Heavy at Age 21 And 53 too…

    Yet You See, i Worked Out With Captains of the Military
    in Their Mid 70’s Still Bench Pressing 450 Pounds And
    Squatting the Same And Yes Even Shrugging 700 Pounds too…

    i Knew What Was

    Possible All i Had
    To Do is Put it into Action So i did and still DO; Yes!
    Lesson of Jack LaLanne too When my Masters Level
    Sociology of Aging Teacher Said i Was Over-Zealous

    Insisting That i Would Retain my Strength and Health At Age 60
    Then at Age 23; Yet Yes, She Was Limited, She Never Even Heard

    of Jack LaLanne as i Didn’t Have Just one Major; i Also Majored
    in Health, Leisure, And Sports; Anthropology; Yes, ALong with the

    Social Sciences


    Degree too Yes

    the Benefit Still

    of Not Specializing
    in One Field too Much

    the Synergy of the Knowledge
    And Arts of Humanity All Still to Come New Now

    More Than Ever at Most Everyone’s Finger Tips

    Now Who Masters The Tool And Do Not Become Mastered By It…

    i Suppose, it All Depends on What We Come to Value in Life Most…

    Love, Health, And Financial Independence Surely PaveS A Way
    Truly Free to Give…

    It’s Truly Nice
    to Live Life Yes!

    Commercial Free!
    HAha Yet my Wife
    Has Her Eye Still Set
    On A Brand New Deep
    Blue Subaru SUV…Yawn, the Sky Blue
    Honda Civic At 8 Years-Old Still A Charm for me…

    And Buying A New Home Never Now! Impossible to Replace Now!
    The Garden of Real Eden i Gardened in This Forest for Decades Now too!…

    Anyway, Hehe, Just Paying You Back For All Your Blog Posts i Liked Without
    A Comment Hehe…

    HAha, Don’t
    Worry, Just

    A Once in A Free
    Blue Car Moon Kinda Way..;)

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