Love my dancing shoes.

The American Legion was jamming tonight. I had to park on the grass, and all the tables had been taken in the main room. We got the last table at in the bar area, and about 15 minutes later, the server told us that a table of people had just left.

We got there and so did 2 other couples, but there was plenty of space for us all.

Just as I was leaving Lynn, from the band, said that this is a lovely song and that I needed a partner. I got off the floor, and went over to a gentleman aged 93, that can’t walk. I held him as if we were dancing, and he swayed side to side with me, and at the end I sat on his lap, and he hugged, and thanked me. He said that I was the most sophisticated lady on the dance floor. I answered that I was English, and that was why. He smiled and said that was the first hug he had had from a lady in 6 years. Glad I made his evening.

I then left and drove home.



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