First day back at the gym since getting Covid.

I have been negative for a week now, but I found that just doing ten minutes of cleaning, or dancing, and I had labored breathing.

So today I went to the gym, and it was Body Pump. Our instructor follows me on Facebook, so knew that my energy level wouldn’t be 100%. She was really pleased to see me, and I told her that I would be doing the lightest weights. That I did on the first set but doubled the weight for the second one. I then reverted back once we got on to the clean and press.

When it came to pushups, we had the option to do dips, which helps my shoulder, knee, and wrists. I did put the plate on my lap for extra weight.

I did 50 minutes of the class, and the only part I left out was the core at the end. I didn’t want to get on the floor and do injury to my right knee.

I was really impressed with myself. My breathing was a little labored, and that was when I knew that I needed to stop.

I ate lunch at Panera, and now my eyes are heavy. That’s never happened in the day before, but I think I could close my eyes, and fall asleep.



  1. Glad you are recovering nicely. It may take a little while to regain all of your strength. Sounds like you are being sensible. There’s no harm in taking an afternoon nap if you feel like it either.

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