I didn’t fall asleep this afternoon.

I reckon I should have only done 30 minutes of Body Pump today, instead of 50 minutes. I don’t have any pain, so that is good. However, I had planned to do some more clearing out of the second bedroom. I moved a couple of items, and that was that.

It probably didn’t help that I had eaten the bowl of broccoli cheese soup, and the piece of baguette. I brought the half sandwich, and the scone home with me. When I go out to eat, I always do lunch, and it doesn’t really fill me like this did today.

Therefore, it’s been a lazy afternoon, and I have another gentleman that wants to meet up. I have been texting 2 gentlemen from Bumble, one on Facebook Messenger, and another on Nextdoor. I have to remember who is who, and make sure I don’t slip up. Haha.


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