Where has the day gone?

This morning I noticed that the gray hair, on the crown of my head, was showing. So, I used the ‘root touch up’ color on it. By the time I had dried, and straightened my hair, it was time for my Zoom meeting. Yes, I did dress up, and not have p.j. bottoms on. The meeting lasted until lunchtime, so I ate, and was getting everything ready for my Financial Advisor. I couldn’t find paperwork that I had got out of the file and put it in a place ready to take. In the end I had to go back to my office and copy the paperwork.

I then drive up there and complete everything. It is close to the mall, and Panera so I went in to get a cup of my unlimited coffee. I open my bum bag, and no phone. I had left it in the house. I immediately drove home, and had 2 voicemails, and messages left for me.

I think the Covid has left me with the brain fog, as I am constantly looking for things, walking into rooms and don’t know why, and feeling a complete idiot.



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