9.30 a.m. and the temperature is 48 degrees

The low at Treasure Island was 44 degrees. I didn’t go down to the beach after my afternoon walk, so have been in the apartment since 4 p.m. yesterday.

I have the heating on at 76 degrees, which means that I didn’t go to church this morning. Another reason is that the Arsenal – Burnley Premier League match started at 9. I had coffee, breakfast, and showered before the match. Then at halftime, I will get dressed, and look presentable.



  1. that is cold for Florida. I never turn the heat higher than 70 here. Usually 68. I have a gas fireplace that I keep on all night and for most of the day during the winter. That helps a lot


  2. pay the gas/electric bill that I do in winter and I guarantee you’d be dialing it back. I’ve heard that gas is higher this year. We were without gas for several days during the fire so I’ll see if it made a difference. Of course we had space heaters cranked, but the house still hovered around 50 degrees. I was so glad that we were the first on the street to get our gas turned back on.


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