My dinner date tonight.

We arranged to meet at Shrimpys Blues Bistro on Blind Pass, St. Petersburg. As parking is for all the plaza, we met a little before 5.

We met outside the restaurant and my date was a real gentleman. He opened the door for me. We sat at a booth inside as it was so cold. I had a margarita, and he had one of my favorite drinks, vodka and cranberry. We chatted for a little while until our drinks arrived.

We then checked out the menu we both went for the bowl of Shrimp & Lobster Bisque. I chose the Mardi Gras Pasta, which was blackened shrimp, and scallops, Alfredo with spinach and grape tomatoes. He had the Crab Cake Dinner.

The food was absolutely delicious. I could only eat half of the entree. We both left the 2 slices of garlic toast that came with the soup, and I left the bread with the pasta. He left the mashed potato. So, we both limit the carbs. That’s a good start.

We were only in the restaurant for just over an hour, so I got back to the timeshare before the after-sunset glow had gone.

It was a first date, so yes, a kiss. I know you were all wondering. We plan on meeting for lunch next time, and somewhere halfway.



  1. You are blessed to be able to move forward. Covid has removed all my choices at the moment but I have hope that soon I will be able to go to a restaurant or shop in a store.


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