High 52 degrees, low 49, with 100% precipitation today.

This morning we were all bundled up for the Owner’s Meet and Greet breakfast meeting. We had a heater close by to take the chill off.

This is done on a weekly basis, and if I am at the Voyager for a board meeting, I always go to the Owner’s breakfast meeting. Tammy, the Manager talks, and then introduces me as a board member. Owners really enjoy me talking for a few minutes, and then mingling with them afterwards. I get told every time that it is so nice to get to meet a board member and thank them for their devotion to the Voyager Beach Club. It makes volunteering one’s time a pleasure.

The rain hasn’t stopped today, so it was a slow drive heading back home. I did it in around an hour and a half. Extremely happy when I got in. I hadn’t left the heating on, so it was 59 degrees. Now it’s at 75 which is acceptable to me. I prefer 80, but put on an extra sweater, and can handle it.


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  1. I will be over in 30 hours dear Susie. 5 degrees in Michigan. I took the grandchildren to the bus in the car. 75 degrees is three months away. Winter had found Michigan.


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