None of my friends want to go dancing tonight.

I know it’s cold for Florida standards, but I was looking forward to going dancing this evening. My girlfriend, Brenda and I had planned to meet there. Earlier today she texted me to say that an employee where she works had been killed by a car, when walking to work in the dark. So very sad. My friend had known her for many years.

I texted one friend and phoned another and neither were going out. So, I decided to stay home too. Fortunately, I am going dancing tomorrow night for an hour or two.

Image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt from Pixabay



  1. Shoot it’s a bummer that your friend had to cancel and a bigger bummer that your friend lost a co-worker. I hope you will get to go dancing tomorrow. I would go dancing with you if we weren’t so far away. ❤


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