My surgery is all set.

I finally got to talk to a person at the Surgery Center. I am going to be the first one of the day at 7 a.m. They haven’t received my medical clearance form, so immediately I finished the conversation, I phoned my doctor’s office, reminded them, and gave them the fax number.

I have all my instructions now, and really hope that is doesn’t get changed. I was asked if I had someone for aftercare. I said that I am a boxer, and weightlifter, so am able to take care of myself. I will check with my girlfriend to see if she will take me, if not I have other friends that have offered.

Yes, it’s really happening now.



  1. Best wishes for successful eye surgery. Since I didn’t have someone to be with me for after care, they didn’t give me drugs for the surgery, only eye numbing drugs and I did fine. Wonderfully, the Beatles’s song “All we need is love” was playing during my first surgery. That helped. The vision afterwards was amazing and such a treat.


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