Facebook memories from 5 years ago.

I was really healthy, and thin. This was in this house, and I was using my TRX bands to stretch my body, do squats, and single leg squats. I still have it behind my door, so I am thinking it is about time for me to start using it again. It’s silly really as I often use one that is set up at the gym.

In those photos I was pretty much straight down, small bust, tiny waist, and no stomach. My body shape over the past 5 years has changed immensely. I have muscles throughout my body, my boobs seem to have improved, I do have a stomach now, but that only happened through lack of working out. This was when Len was really sick, and the months after, when my shoulder was mending.

My body right now isn’t how I want it to be, so I need to start concentrating more on Core training. I think then I will be very happy with the way I look. I am really pleased that I am not as thin as 5 years ago.



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