First surgery done and dusted.

I was at the eye surgery center at 6.45 a.m., and went straight in. There was a lady before me, and the guy at the desk spent around 20 minutes with her. When she was called to go through, he brought me up to the counter.

He took my photo, copies of my license, insurance card, and my $975 co-pay. This one cost $950 more as I am having a different lens. He then came around to me, and went through everything on his tablet, and I had to initial each page. I sat for another 15 minutes, and was called in.

Here they put a B.P. and oxygen monitor on me, and also attached tabs to parts of my body. I had several drops put in my right eye, and gauze to keep it shut. I had an i.v. put into the back of my hand. I was asked how I felt, and I said that I was nervous, even though I had taken a Klonapin. He said that he would give me a valium, and I said thank you.

30 minutes later I had more drops in my eye. Then the rest of the time I was on a comfortable bed with 2 warm blankets on me. Finally, it was my time to go in around 9.45 a.m. The surgery didn’t take long at all, and I was asking how it was going, and Dr. Perach told me she had almost finished.

Then it was out into another area, and they helped me off the bed, and into a chair with arms. I was asked if I wanted water, apple juice, or coffee, and either crackers, a cookie, or a Danish. I went for the hot coffee, and as my stomach was rumbling a Danish which was pretty small. I was given my post-op instruction sheet, a shield with tape for my eye at night, and my ugly glasses.

Then it was, ‘Your ride is here’, and I wobbled out the door. I was home before 11 a.m.

It’s now 5 p.m., and already my sight in that eye is less burred. I had them take the right lens out of my glasses, as that one was a high strength.

Now I have to do 2 more lots of drops for today, and just taking it easy. I will leave the bandage on the top of my hand, where the i.v. went in until the morning.

I am very happy now.



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