Free Denny’s meal.

I have to say that I was unimpressed with it. My friend, Donna, wanted to go a few weeks ago, and the prices had risen immensely, and the quality of the food was okay.

It was close to home, and I didn’t want to cook today, so off I went with my coupon for a free Value Slam. It used to be the Grand Slam, but no more. My breakfast came out before the coffee, so I had to ask for it. I like my eggs over easy, and usually the white is partially cooked, these really weren’t. The 2 sausages were warm. The butter didn’t even start to melt on the pancakes.

If I was paying for it, I would have complained. My decaf coffee was lukewarm as well. I asked my server if she could make some hot coffee, which she did. I drank one cup, and asked for one to go, as the coffee was $3.

So, it only cost me $5 with the tip, and I was full. Obviously, I won’t be going back,



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