Follow up appointment went well.

I got to Perich a few minutes early, and only had to sign in. Around 15 minutes later I was called into a room, where I had to read letters. With my right eye, only the new lens I could read the top 2 lines. Over to my left, with my glasses on, I couldn’t read anything. The lady said you really need the second one done, don’t you? She did some other tests, and I was back in the waiting room.

There were only 2 people in this waiting area, and they both went in quickly, both came out, and both went in a second time. A lady came and sat in the waiting room, and she was called in. I got up to ask why I hadn’t been called as the doctor came up, and called my name.

She was pleased with my sight so far. She said that there is some inflammation in the eye, but that is because the surgery was only 2 days ago. It will go. She checked on the date of the other eye, and I explained that they had brought both surgeries forward without changing the follow up dates. She took me to the appointment desk, and the lady couldn’t find an opening for Friday 25th. She went away and then came back, and I have the surgery on the 23rd, and the follow up on the 25th.

I am so happy even though it is still blurred, and I have to wear the ugly glasses.



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