Now using Our Time dating app too.

I am still texting around 5 guys on Bumble, and only met up with one of them for lunch 3 or 4 times.

So, I tried Our Time for free, I checked out around 500 guys, and the only ones I liked were in Gainsville, Venice Florida. I could only text them back if they had paid.

Then last weekend they had 60% off for a month I figured why not join. For an extra dollar a week I could get the connect me, so that talking, and texting would go through that, and they would phone a number allocated to me. This way they didn’t get my number.

I found several, liked them, and sent them the connect with me app. Not one of them have used it, instead they are all texting me their phone numbers. This must mean that they are either married, or just want sex, without paying for it. If they were really interested, they would respect the fact that a secure number is better for a woman.

What do you think?



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