Manchester City – Tottenham Hotspur match is making me shout, and scream.

I think this is the most exciting Premier League football match I have ever seen. Spurs scored in the 4th minute, with an equalizer from City in the 33rd minute.

Harry Kane scored a blinder in the 59th minute, and ten minutes ago Kane scored another. When the 3 – 1 score went up I was shouting, dancing, and totally out of my mind. Only for it to be disallowed.

It’s the 83rd minutes, and Kane got a push/elbow in the back, but thankfully he was okay.

In the 92nd minute Manchester City got a penalty, and scored to equalize 2 – 2.

Kane has scored in the 94th minute. Now 3 – 2 to Spurs. Spurs have beaten City $&%@$% Brilliant.



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