Olive Garden – Great party – Lousy food.

Yes, I know we were a large party, and had phoned to hold the table for 5 p.m. We arrived an hour early to ensure we got seated on time, but that didn’t happen. We were all so hungry by the time we sat down.

I have to say that my drink, and salad were great, but $15.99 for a dried-up piece of lasagna that tasted burnt. I would have complained about it, but the servers were rushed off their feet. I took 2 bites and then pushed it to the center of the table. My friend next to me took a forkful and pulled a face, and said that it was horrible. I went to the bathroom, and when I returned there was a box next to it.

We had a big birthday cake, and dinner was done. I have brought my food home, but I can’t see how I can turn a burnt dried out dinner into a meal for today. I don’t think adding sauce will help it.

The evening was good because of all the friends, and new friends I made.

Sorry Olive Garden I won’t be back, and we decided that we will not be doing dinner there again, as a group.



  1. Years ago we used to sporadically watch the show “Will & Grace” and there was one episode where their friends dismissively referred to Olive garden as “Onion Garden” and ever since then that’s what I’ve called it. (Can you tell I don’t like it?) Also this reminds me of the time my wife and I and some friends went to a Salsa class at a restaurant down in Carlsbad and afterwards we went to the restaurant part. My wife ordered a margarita that I swear was nothing but margarita mix with no tequila, and I got cheese sticks where they had allowed the cheese to mostly ooze out so they were pretty much empty breading tubes with some really nasty marinara sauce. Needless to say we never went back and I think the restaurant building is now a clothing store and surf shop …

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