An excellent board meeting as usual.

The majority of board members live in Pasco County even though the timeshare is down at Treasure Island beach. When our friends from up north (snowbirds) spend their winters here, it means no vacancies available. Also, the traveling time to the beach is horrendous. It is really nice that the accounts office is located close to where I live.

The rest of the board, and Management company have to travel south, so it was decided to stop at one of the most famous restaurants in Palm Harbor, Lucky Dill.

I had one drink, and then a glass of water. The sandwiches were huge, and the picture shows the three quarters of it, that I brought home.

Several of us stopped at their bakery on the way out. I bought one slice of chocolate supreme cake, which was $9.58, with a 15% tip, $11.08. There are no prices on the bakery items. The photos don’t really show the size of it, but I know I will get 6 – 8 portions out of it. This is because it is so rich, and decadent.



  1. That chocolate cake is gi-normous. I can never get used to the portion sizes in US where I only ever have one course, usual a starter which I rarely finish. In France portion sizes are calculated so that you can have at least two if not three portions without feeling you’ve overeaten.

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