Amazing food and service today at Olive Garden.

I treated my friend to lunch today with the e-gift card I was given. Our server Cheryl W waited on us. I told her about my last visit, and asked if Tammy was working, she wasn’t but that was okay. I didn’t need to see anyone as Cheryl said she would ensure everything was perfect, and it was.

The salad was crisp as always, the breadsticks had just come out of the oven. and were delicious. I had a wonderful lunch portion of lasagna, and my friend had Shrimp Scampi. The shrimp were huge.

When our entrees came out, we both order a ‘to go dinner for $5 each’. Cheryl didn’t rush us but was very attentive. She brought enough boxes so that we could share the balance of the salad, and my girlfriend’s entree that she couldn’t finish. Shortly after, our to go orders in bags, were brought to the table.

I owed a few dollars on the check, and a good tip in cash.

It was most enjoyable, and after an hour and a half, we waddled out the door saying that we will be back again for lunch.



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