Second surgery done, glasses no more for me.

When I say ‘glasses no more’, and that is after 40 years of wearing progressive, transition, lightweight, anti-glare ones, I will not be wearing them.

My right eye is really good now, and the left is blurred, but that is understandable as the lens was only put in a few hours ago. Probably in a weeks’ time I will know if I will need readers for fine print.

I got rides both ways, came home and laid on the bed for half an hour, but can never relax during the day. I do have Premier League football on, and just listening to the Burnley, Tottenham match. It’s coming up for half-time with no goals.

I know my photo isn’t a pretty sight. I showered and washed my hair last night as I was up at 5.45 a.m. I didn’t straighten it, because of no fragrances. Of course, no makeup or creams, so this is probably the worst you will ever see me.



  1. You always look phenomenal Susie. I need to schedule myself for surgery on my right eye. Will do that when the weather is more amenable. Hugs.

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