Perfect vision in my right eye.

I am still wearing my dark rolls around sunglasses when outside or it bright lights. I have a pair of sunglasses that I bought at the Dollar Tree store.

When it comes to reading, I only need 1.25 on the right for small writing, and 2.25 for my left eye, which is now ten days.

I still had a couple of pairs of readers that Len had, so went and bought every strength from 1.26 to 2.25 at the dollar store. Well, it’s now a dollar and a quarter, because of Covid, inflation, and pay rises.

I go back on the 18th to have an eye test and will find out what strength of readers I might need. As I had progressive, transition in my glasses, I have just had one pair of glasses when awake. Now I will have to have 2 pairs and may even wait until I come back from England to ensure I get the right strength. I will also buy nice sunglasses too.



  1. I remember once I went to my optometrist for an exam and afterwards we had a little conversation that went like this:

    Doctor: “So, your vision has changed a little bit …”
    Me: “I bet it didn’t get any better, did it?”
    Doctor: “Mmm, no, but I haven’t gotten any younger in the past year either so that’s kind of just how it goes.”

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