Had my blood work down this morning.

I have to say it was a piece of cake.

After 69 years of dreading the needle, and any doctor’s office, or hospital, I finally found a lady to take my blood that realize my anxiety, and panic disorder.

She has me laying on a bed in a private room and talked to me the whole of the time. My heart would be racing, I was sweating, shaking, struggling to breathe, and the tears were running down my face. I had to sit for ten minutes and then be helped out of the office.

Today it was straight into a room, on a bed, talking about it almost being a year for Len, and it was done. All I did was turn my head away. I was able to get up straight away, and walk out to my car, and drive myself home.

It was the same with the I.V. going in with both cataract surgeries. I talked to the lady that was doing it, was sitting in a chair but turning away, and it didn’t affect me in the slightest.

I also think that doing Len’s sugar readings, getting blood from his finger, and inserting it into the machine helped. Then I would shoot the insulin through the needle into his upper arm.

I feel very comfortable now, which is a blessing considering that I have no one here if I passed out.



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